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The Polo Group - An Introduction

As a business group, Polo Amusement Park Limited, the flagship of the Polo Group of companies owns and operates 2 of India's premier Amusement and Water Parks under the brand name of Fun N Food Village.

Polo Amusement Park Limited Holding Company

Fun N Food Village/ Village Club, Delhi
Polo Consulting Services.
Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Kapashera, New Delhi - 110037

Polo Patine Leisure
Technical Collaboration
  • Polo Amusement Park Ltd
  • Patine Corporation & Leisure Industries, Japan.
Polo Amusement
Nagpur Pvt Ltd
Wholly Owned subsidiary

Fun N Food Village,
35, KM stone Amravati highway, Nagpur

Polo Amusement
Chirchik LLC
Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Development of Aqua Park in Chirchik, Uzbekistan.

Core business activities:

a) Water, Amusement and Snow Theme Parks.

  • Ice Skating arena - 800 sq mtrs - India's largest
  • Indoor Ski slope - 110 mtrs long - India's only.
  • Auditorium - with seating capacity for 600 guests fully equipped with state of art acoustic systems and theatre lights.
  • Snow play area / snow museum - India's first and only
  • Snow theme restaurant.

b) Consulting Services

The Polo Group has a consulting division that offers services for the Planning, development and operations of Amusement Parks and Water parks. We have in house facilities for the design and manufacture of Amusement Park rides, Water slides and theme park attractions. A separate division by the name of Polo Consulting Services, has been set up for rendering of Consulting, Project management, construction, supply and other services related to the development and operation of tourism activities.
The Polo group has a technical collaboration with Patine Corporation, Japan and Leisure Industries Co Japan to offer services for construction, equipment installation, management and operation of Ice skating rinks and indoor snow facilities on a turn key basis in the Indian Sub- continent, Middle east and Central Asia.

c) Joint Ventures

The Polo Group has set up a joint venture Company, Polo RAK Amusements LLC, UAE for the development of a Theme park in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Polo has an investment of 49 % in Polo RAK 25.5% being held by RAK Investment Authority and 25.5% by RAK Properties pjsc.

d) Global Business Plans.

The Polo group has set up a company in the Republic of Uzbelistan by the name of Polo Amusement Chirchik LLC for the development of a Water park in Chirchik, Republic of Uzbekistan. Developmental plans exist to take the Fun N Food Village to Thailand, Australia and Kazakistan. By the Year 2015, the Polo group strategic plan looks at 10 parks worldwide.

Polo RAK Chirchik LLC

The site is being developed as an epicenter for entertainment, leisure and recreation with an Aqua park, Amusement park, Shopping arcade and Log huts . The park would also include F&B outlets , merchandising outlets, public utilities and associated infrastructure facilities.

Polo Consulting Services

Polo Consulting Services, the consulting arm of the Polo group has emerged amalgamating 16 years of industrial experience and technical expertise in development and operation of Amusement and Water parks to render services for the planning, development and operation of Amusement and Water parks.
At Polo, we believe that Theme Park Design and Management services aim to deliver creative yet practical solutions !!

Our Mission

  • Innovative solutions optimizing commercial and creative elements blended into a format to deliver an experience that delivers a unique and engaging experience for visitors of all age groups.
  • One-stop-shop service for full range of design disciplines, project development services, park management and operating services to ensure project implementation to achieve “on time on budget success”.

Polo has a team of architects, engineers, designers, finance and business advisors to offer for :

1. Preliminary study.

  • Site and target market analysis
  • Conceptual layout plan
  • General description of facilities, activities and capacities with artists impressions.
  • General description of technical installations and infrastructural requirements.
  • Calculation of investment level and generic revenue model

2. Design and Engineering services

  • Development plan with qualitative and quantitative details of facilities
  • Layout plan on a scale of 1:500
  • Architectural details for each facility
  • Detailed equipment list
  • Detailed drawings of infrastructural facilities
  • Infrastructural requirement for building, electrical and plumbing works.
  • Development schedule
  • Capital outlay

3. Project development services

  • Project development services to include:
  • Equipment procurement
  • Contract documentation
  • Development schedule

4. Project supervision.

  • Supply and installation
  • Fabrication and installation of structural works
  • Supply and installation of main as well as ancillary equipment
  • Trials.

5. Start up and training

  • Training of technical and operational staff
  • Management and operation of facilities

6. Marketing / merchandising program.

  • Develop a marketing approach that is specialized for your location and your unique customer base.
  • Develop Merchandising program to enhance revenue generation

7. Service and maintenance

  • Contracts can be negotiated for annual maintenance of the facilities.

8. Outright Sale of Rides and attractions

  • Amusement rides
  • Water park rides and attractions
  • Snow N Ice facilities - Snow Land/ Ice skating Rinks

Polo Group -Strategic Growth Story

1989 - The story begins
Polo Amusement Park Limited , the flagship of the Polo group of companies was incorporated as a Public Limited company in 1989 registered with the Registrar of Companies , Delhi and Haryana.
The Company was established with the objective to satiate the ascendant demand for Entertainment, health, educational and recreational facilities.

1990 - India's First Mobile Amusement Centre
With a strategic growth plan in mind, the company was the first to introduce the Concept of Mobile Amusement centers in India in 1990. Till 1992, the Company successfully took Mobile Amusement centers through a large number of cities in Western and Northern India. This provided a first hand experience into visitor profiles; preferences and patterns. Simultaneously, in house R&D and manufacturing facilities were developed to strengthen the base for growth.

1993 - Fun N Food Village , Delhi
In 1993, the Polo Group launched its first Theme park - Fun 'N' Food Village in Delhi to offer a fusion of modern recreational facilities set out in an ambience of traditional Indian culture.

1996 - Village Club, Delhi
Public preference and demand showed the way for growth and Polo brought to the Delhites a Water Park under the name of 'Village Club'. The facilities provided include India's largest Water slide, Asia fastest water slide- Aqua Shute, a Wave pool and lazy river amongst a host of world class water based rides.

1999 - Fun N Food Village, Nagpur
In 1999, the group entered into its second phase of growth with the incorporation of a new company, Polo Amusement (Nagpur) Private Limited. The Company purchased 235 acres of landof which 60 acres has been developed a fully operational Amusement and Water park with a capacity to cater to 10000 visitors per day.

2003 - Polo Patine Technical Collaboration
Entered into a technical collaboration for the development of Ics skating, and winter theme park attractions in the Indian sub continent, Middle east and Central Asia.

2005 - India's First and largest Snow House
India's first and largest Snow house was opened in Fun n Food Village Delhi measuring 2500 sq meters with India' largest Ice skating Rink measuring 800 sq mtrs and India's only Indoor skislope measuring 110 meters long.

2006 - Polo RAK Amusements LLC
Joint venture company formed with RAK Investment Authority and RAK Properties for the development of a 118 acre multi part recreational venue - WOW RAK in the emirate of Ras AlKhaimah.

2006 - Polo Amusement Chirchik LLC
WOS set in Uzbekistan for the development of an Aqua park in Chirchik, Republic of Uzbekistan.


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